Welcome to the Sermon Section

The Christian life is one of sharing.  These sermons have been preached and taught at Liberty Baptist Church in Bristol, TN., where I have served since 1998.  We gladly offer these resources to you in the hope that you will benefit from them and you may share them with others.

Whether you are a new Christian, mature Christian, a Bible teacher, pastor, or missionary, these studies in the Word of God are provided as a tool for growth and ministry.  Many of these sermon notes include study guides for your study group or class.

It is a privilege to share these sermons with you.  I am gratefully indebted to many pastors and teachers who have helped me understand the Bible through the years.  I have gleaned so much from so many and I want to give credit to a few men who have powerfully impacted my life and enriched my understanding of God’s Word.  Among the men who have helped me through their teaching, preaching, and writing are Dr. Adrian Rogers, Dr. John MacArthur, Dr. Warren Wiersbe, and Dr. John Phillips. 

The sermons on this website do not include footnotes or bibliographic references, although they contain the fruitful thoughts and insights of many godly men.  My method has been much like that of a famous preacher who said, “I have milked many cows, but I churned my own butter.”  May the Lord bless you as you study and proclaim the riches of His eternal Word.  Please let us know if these studies are a blessing to you.  Submit your comments to dsanderson@btes.tv. 

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