Welcome to the Pastor’s Study

These sermons and Bible studies are available for your personal devotional use, for Bible study groups, for pastors, missionaries, Bible teachers, and for all who seek a clear understanding of God’s Word.  All of these resources may be shared freely. It is my prayer that these sermons and Bible studies will encourage your walk with the Lord and deepen your understanding of His Word.

The Bible says: “Feed the flock of God” (1 Peter 5:2). This simple, yet profound command is directed personally to pastors. As a pastor, I take this command very seriously. I understand that it refers both to God’s ownership of His sheep (“the flock of God”) and also to my stewardship as pastor (“feed the flock”). It is a special privilege to be the Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Bristol, Tennessee. Our church family prays for me and encourages me in my weekly preparation, and they listen attentively as I preach and teach each week. I deeply appreciate their encouragement and their desire for God’s Word.

These sermons and Bible studies are the fruit of my personal study and ministry to God’s flock at Liberty Baptist Church. I pray that God will use them to bless your life and build up your faith. May the Lord give you grace and wisdom as you seek to learn His Word, apply it to your life, and share it with others.

Dr. Stan Anderson, Pastor


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